November 24, 2011

Into the Black Friday Jungle...

Since I am sadly away from my family this year, I will be attempting to experience the craziness and utter frivolity of waiting in line -- at Walmart (dun dun dun) -- for hours on end, for a little special something entailing nothing more than “Zelda.”

This will be my first time going into a B&M store around Black Friday and, from what I’ve been told, it might very well be the last. If you are looking for some Thanksgiving evening entertainment, read on.

As I wait in line, I will periodically tweet from my Twitter page. A minute before 10 pm CST, when the doors are set to open, I will be streaming live from my local Walmart. When that happens, I will be running with the Pamplona bulls while you kick back, relax, laugh, and think, “well, I’m glad I’m not that guy.”

Cheers, and Happy Thanksgiving!